Work Examples

So I’d like to share with you four photographs that I’ve taken. These were all to do with specific projects from last years work at ECU, Mount Lawley. I feel they show my strengths and interests in my particular discipline, which is photography.

Ella Close Up

This was my first ever project to do with photography at ECU. I was using an analogue camera, black and white, and my task was “Picturing The Dark”. My idea was to get models into a dark room, and to use neon paint to draw patterns on their bodies. To illuminate the parts I wanted, I simply used violet lights. This lit up the paint well, and any whites found within the frame too. Working with analogue cameras proved to be quite difficult but I definitely enjoyed my time with them and I’d certainly recommend all photographers to have a go before moving onto digital. It gave me a better understanding of cameras and how they work, and I found that I prefer photos with a bit of grain in them.

charlie grungepopped bubble

This particular shoot was to do with the lighting techniques. As you can see in the first picture, I’ve decided to go with harsh lighting to make the photo and model herself look more grungy. The colours are deep and the look in her eyes are fierce. In the second photo I decided to demonstrate a more playful lighting technique. I used a light that was found directly behind the model, giving off a glow around the edge of the model. This made the model look like she was a part of a different photo, as if she was photo-shopped onto the background image. I really enjoyed shooting each of these images as it gave me a chance to muck around with the setting of lights.

henri skating

 In this photo I shot my brother whilst riding a skateboard. I only used artificial lighting for this particular photograph. I used the house lights, my flash, and I used the high-beam of the car lights (just off to the left). This just simply helped me light up the necessary then I came in later with photoshop, and highlighted a few more areas I wanted to show. My aim was to capture a photograph with movement in it. I wished to freeze the moment and movement, whilst showing the viewer the fluidity of it all. I simply wanted the viewer to see the movement in the still photo, and I achieved just that.


2 thoughts on “Work Examples

    1. Seeing as last year I did a semester of analogue, I do have a few more rolls of film – done with the analogue camera. I’d be more than happy to post a few more later on if you’d like to see.


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