Project Thoughts

I’ve booked out some camera equipment for this Saturday’s photoshoot with two of the band members. There were originally four band members, but I found it difficult to get them all together long enough for a shoot, WAAPA being the main problem. So I’ve got Brad (the bassist) and Chris (the guitarist).

The shoot will take place on Saturday 9th May @2pm. I’ve decided to use this remote spot in Gwelup (just down the road from my place). I’ve become interested in the lakes and forest areas near the Gwelup area, so I thought this was a great place for it. The area is quite magical and green, so I thought I’d interpret this into the photos. I’ve also done some research on album covers and most have either been taken outside or have been photoshopped to give the illusion of them being outside.

I’ve rented out the following:

  • Camera – Canon EOS 650D
  • Skyport
  • Tripod
  • Lights
  • Battery (to power the lights)

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