Creative Project: Mini-Exegesis

 My creative project aim is to create an album cover for a band. I’ve decided to use a new band, Elephants In Paris, whom I know personally. They’re currently undergoing writing some originals and this gave me the idea to help them get their name and songs out there. Currently my thoughts are to incorporate the band name and two of the members themselves.

It’s important for me to create some publicity for them and get some photos out there; this is because I know how hard it is to start off. Audiences will love it too, it’s important for them to know what a band member looks like and they’re personality too. Majority of the audiences judge bands by their music, but they also judge by appearance and attitude. These photos I feel are happy, mysterious and a bit of fun.

My main aspects that I will concentrate on is getting the images on their website, my own, and getting friends to share around. That way, there’s more publicity, and more coverage over the Internet so it might make it easier for managers and customers to find them and get into contact with them about gigs. The main reason for the photographs was for publicity for the band, Elephants In Paris (EIP). Then if they wanted me to, I could resize and touch up the selected images for them and place them on t-shirts, CD’s (album covers) etc. and advertise/ sell merchandise at their gigs for small prices. This way they’re getting their music out there, and their names and a bit of extra cash at the end of their gigs.

I know a lot of WAAPA people and I know how they’re all gigging and getting their songs out there, so that was were I found my ideas. My inspiration however was my friend; he’s in the band (EIP) and was very keen to push some new ideas forward. So I decided to help him and the band out. The theory behind it is, I’ve chosen photography because I’m currently undergoing a degree in it. It’s my passion, so this is where the idea stemmed. This was a way to get my photography name out there (Focused On Shooting – and the bands name out there too, (Elephants In Paris –

 First I planned to cross-reference their genre of songs against similar and popular bands. I also decided to take both their originals and covers into consideration when I did this. I not cross-referenced songs, but also other band album covers to see what was popular etc. When I did this I was looking for connections that could help me figure out what worked and what didn’t, and I took that into consideration when creating Elephants In Paris’ album cover.

Elephants In Paris plays a huge range of genres when playing covers of songs. They’re a very versatile band; playing music ranging from Soul, Rock n Roll RnB and many more. They play music dated back to some classics back in the late 60’s, to music of the modern age (2010 – now). It all depends on where they play and the audience they play to, to what songs they sing as a band.

There was a slight hiccup with the shoot, not all the band members were able to be at the same place at the same time. I had to make a hasty decision and decide that I would only include two of the band members, Bradley Roberts (bassist) and Chris Mackenzie (guitarist). I thought choosing the two band members who had similar instruments would look best on an album cover. The shoot took place at Gwelup Lakes. The reason I chose this place was because the area was quite magical and green and could be rather playful. After doing some research on album covers, most had either been taken outside or had been photoshopped to give the illusion of them being outside.

In conclusion the idea was great, once the band writes and records some of their originals, we can start putting it all together. I didn’t end up using many props, just their guitars and amplifiers. This was to simply signify that they were band members, and to show the audience what instrument each of them played as part of the band. Not everything went according to plan, but I was able to make some quick decisions and alter a few things and make it all work out in the end.

I decided to include a few of the photographs that were best suited for the desired project. These six images were the best for the task at hand. As you can see, no photoshopping has been done as the RAW images were very beautiful and I felt everything was how I thought it should be.


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